The Swaglords Cometh

The Fellowship of the Brick

the wolfpack returns!

The gang returns with some new recruits!

5 years has passed since our last adventure, and our eager young geeks reveled in the return of our beloved group. The adventuring group was reformed on the Bangers and Mash, which after much indecision arrived at a Lizardman port.

Palin’s Logs: Day DGAF
The company arrived at a small lizardman port near the Great Marshes. Our leader caught the locals attention with the shipment of corpses we appear to have collected in our travels. As we set off into the town, one of our members found an exotic animal seller. We all purchased strange and wonderful creatures to ride in our future travels. As we set off to meet a lizardman caravan, we were attacked several times. The company quickly defeated these foes, showing our new martial prowess. The world trembles as our company rides to its next destination…



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